Our favourite Melbourne breakfasts

Kat has lived in Melbourne for 2 years and Anna was here for 3 before returning to her native UK.  One thing they agree on is that Melb does breakfasts damn well – here’s some of their favourites.

(all photos from kat’s instagram)

1. Friends of Mine, Richmond  “Jack + Jill”  poached eggs, bacon, 12hr roasted tomato, avocado + thyme buttered mushies    $19,9

The mother of all breakfasts – perfectly balanced, beautiful locally sourced product. The mushrooms = wow. Lovely decor as well, like being inside a very sophisticated library.

2. Hardware Societe, City  Baked Eggs – chroizo, pimento, peas $14

Our choice for inner city breakfasts (of which there aren’t many standouts.) Very cute French place with darling tea cosies and this is the star of the menu, a little steaming pot of heaven.

3. Jelly Stone, Brunswick Chorizo Ragu with homemade hash brown and poached egg $16

You can’t go too wrong in B’wick but this cute spot has a lovely outdoor terrace that keeps us going back. The homemade hashbrowns and delightful pockets of yum and it does killer breakfast burritos too.

4. St Ali, South Melbourne . My Mexican Feast (sweet corn fritters with hallomi, poached egg and tomato)

Very Melbourne – warehousey with standout coffee. This dish is one of their most popular and the only one that is a permanent fixture on their menu. The fritters are super crunchy and the hallomi is a perfect compliment.

5. Thy Thy Richmond.Cambodian Noodles, $12

Worth braving the junkies on Victoria Street for. Seems pretty wacky that 2 northern english girls would start having noodles for breakfast but Melbourne’s diversity rubbed off on us! These steaming, clean tasting noodles will cure any hangover and have a distinctive light and fresh taste thanks to the abundance of fresh herbs and lemon. Invigorating!

We also have to mention the lovely Monsieur Truffe, Trunk Diner, Tom Phat and Galleon who also do fantastic breakfasts.
What quintessential Melb breakies have we missed?


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