TV boyfreinds


We watch A LOT of TV at jigsawtreasure and are currently obsessed with:

– Sons of Anarchy (as cheesy/unbelievable as dallas – with bikers)

– Downton Abbey (adorably British hammy servant/posh people soap)

– Homeland (prisoner of war drama showcasing 101 craycray facial expressions from Claire Danes)

– Game of Thrones (batshit mental fantasy with heaps of violence and tits)

– and Walking Dead (actually terrifying zombie apocalypse)


Each show has characters that intrigue us and that we find strangely attractive…which is your favourite TV (bad) boyfriend?

1. Jax, Sons of Anarchy

Pros: has a cool bike, wears leather, is hard as nails

Cons: mummy’s boy, hits hookers, looks about 15 with short hair

2. Thomas, Downton Abbey

Pros: hot Manchester accent, looks amazing smoking, looks great in a dinner jacket, has good hair, knows how to set a table with 8 different kind of forks

Cons: bats for the other team, evil

3. Brody, Homeland

Pros: is a hot ginger, likes drinking at dive bars, chicks dig scars

Cons: terrorist

4. John Snow, Game of Thrones

Pros: good hair, cute pout, can work a sword, rocks a fur jacket

Cons: virgin, wingy, a bit too friendly with Sam

5. Daryl Dixon, Walking Dead

Pros: is a badass, OMG THE CROSSBOW, excellent survival skills

Cons: wears zombie ears as accessories, inbred redneck



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