TV boyfreinds

We watch A LOT of TV at jigsawtreasure and are currently obsessed with: – Sons of Anarchy (as cheesy/unbelievable as dallas – with bikers) – Downton Abbey (adorably British hammy servant/posh people soap) – Homeland (prisoner of war drama showcasing 101 craycray facial expressions from Claire Danes) – Game of Thrones (batshit mental fantasy with heaps of […]

jigsawtreasure playlist

some of our favourite tunes, new and old to brighten your friday are you on Spotify or one of the other subscription streaming music services? if not we really recommend them. You can stream unlimited music for less than the price of a CD, share it with friends and listen on your smartphone and laptop = its the future!

animal collective

1 Lacoste Live Animal Jumper $255 / 2. Pins and Needles Flocked Animal Portrait Sweater (Urban Outfitters) $59 / 3 H&M Bat Jumper $30.58 / 4. Intarsia Swan Jumper $56.60 / 5. Elsa by Ronny Kobo (Metropark) $220 / 6. Master of the House Sweater (Modcloth) $99.99 we are loving animal prints at the moment […]